Essential Factors: Choose The Best Ecommerce Platform In India

With the increase in internet users, the eCommerce industry has seen constant growth. Adding, the COVID-19 and the global pandemic have boosted the growth of eCommerce platforms exponentially.

Creating an online store with the help of an eCommerce platform or registering on an eCommerce website to sell products is what businesses are looking for today. Many retailers, distributors, stockists, manufacturers, and much more are willing to enter into an eCommerce segment. It will help businesses to maintain marketing, sales, and other operations over the website. If you are one of them and struggling to start from, we are here to help you.

The crucial outputs that a business should expect from a profitable eCommerce business are:

1) Scalable: The ability to expand services or products as and when required

2) Cost: The overall budget to run the eCommerce platform in India should be predefined. It consists of creating, maintaining, and updating or upgrading periodically.

3) Customer Interaction: The eCommerce platform should offer to use the tools to provide interactive engagement with the customers

4) Service: The service aim should be to ensure customer retention, loyalty, and conversion.

The other essential factors to consider the best eCommerce platform suitable for your business in India are:

1) Cost of the eCommerce Platform: The primary point to consider before starting to create or register for an online store is the cost. Understand the registration fees, monthly charges, and others associated with the account for better budget evaluation

2) 3rd Party Integration: Check whether the eCommerce platform facilitates integration with business requirement tools such as accounting for financial information, email marketing for keeping in touch with customers, the payment gateway to accept the payment, logistic partner for shipment, and much more.

3) User Experience: Check whether the eCommerce platform has the relevant theme suitable for your business type and can enhance the experience of the users visiting the website.

4) Support: The customer support for any pre-sales or post-sales query should be prompt. For example, if a potential customer has a question related to a product on your online store, s/he should be able to contact and get the answer to purchase the product. Another hand, if the customer is not happy with the order received, s/he should be able to raise the request to get it answered.

5) Speed and Flexibility: Nobody likes to wait in the fast-moving world. Where the user expects to check the products in seconds after a click, a delay in loading can ruin their experience and increase the bounce-back rate. Also, the best eCommerce platforms in India offer ease and flexibility to change the layout, increase the number of pages, integrate with other tools, and much more.

6) Product and Store Management: The eCommerce platform should allow setting the price and the quantity of the product automatically set as out of stock when sold out without any manual intervention. It should also highlight the same to the owner to arrange the stock. It should allow the owner to set the boundaries such as holiday period, geographical limitations, and much more as demanded.

7) Security: The data is the new treasure. In the exponentially growing digital world, users' privacy and security help build trust among users. These are a few important points to consider while selecting the right eCommerce platform for your business. Then, kindly get in touch to help you select the right as per your business requirement.

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