10 Reasons why your Ecommerce Site needs a blog

There are the number of e-commerce sites which are launched and shuts down every day. You will be wondering if the internet users and online buyers are increasing on an exponential rate then why there are shutdowns or slow down even after having a great website or proper SEO. The main secret of the best e-commerce websites is to attract the users from various sources such as blogs, news updates, announcements, short explanatory videos, etc., land them on the product page and tempt to purchase the product. You can also shift in the list of the best e-commerce websites by simply uploading creative and informative blogs related to your industry.
The top 10 reasons how such an additional piece of information like writing blogs, announcements, news update, etc. can help you to be in the top e-commerce sites are as explained below:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You will be wondering even after getting SEO for the website, how will blogging help to gain traffic through SEO? SEO can be considered as the best by-product of the blogs when designed or uploaded with proper keywords to increase traffic exponentially. The digital marketing experts of top e-commerce sites keep on sharing the information related to their product(s) in a much creative and funny manner which in return provide them will more indexing to the website.
Even sharing the blog’s link on various social media platforms can help to attract more organic users and backlinks.

2. Brand your name in the industry

Many e-commerce sites in India and globally have done a practice to use blogging as a tool to brand their name in the industry. Such blogs can have information like tips and tricks, tutorials, industry news and update and much more. Even sharing well-designed content focusing more towards figuring value to the clients or customers related to your company's achievements, sales information, upcoming events, etc. can help to increase your brand name in the industry.

3. Interactional Content

A buyer will only visit an e-commerce website when he or she wants to purchase anything. Instead of getting limited traffic, you can attract new and existing buyers regularly by uploading meaningful blogs and keep a contact touch with your customers.
For example, you can share the customer’s or client’s feedback or testimony to influence and sell related products or services, respectively.
The category page will only have the image of products; you can use creative blogs in the form of images or videos to boost the engagements with your customers. For example, if you are selling saree then a video of how to wear a saree can be catchy.

4. Right space to publish all the announcements

Sending emails to customers or subscribers periodically or has been used for mass communication, but there are times when such emails goings to trash unread and when the customer is looking out for anything new but are not aware of such launch, promotion, etc. So, this is the space which you can utilize for easy and quick access to such announcements.

5. Exponential growth in conversion

Driving traffic to any website is easy rather than maintain or get a conversion. But when the communication is more engaging with the customer and convincing, the customer will automatically build trust and confidence to purchase.

6. Making community online for the same minded people

When you share any information, people have various doubts which they write down in comments. You can acknowledge such comments and make them feel like a valuable member of an online community.
You can review the comments before they are visible to visitors to avoid questionable or negative comments, spam and much more.

7. Creating brand loyalty

Irrespective of best the price and quality, if you fail to create brand loyalty with the customer then it is difficult to get another purchase from the existing customers. As there will be many competitors for the same products which you are offering within India and globally, thus, find the best solution to create brand loyalty is very important.
But when you start blogging and reach to customers by supporting them, being clear about your intention, attractive and much more creative then you will automatically start gaining loyalty.

8. One-touch button facility to go Viral

You can add a single share button to share your post or link on any social media account by the reader within his or her network. If there is anything informative, funny, fact, etc. which a reader feel to share with others, they easily find the way to share your post.
Even thou the post doesn't get enough share but few meaningful shares will help to get great potential leads.

9. Create a backbone for your Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts

Every post on social media of your blog creates a unique URL which can be used to link on your other social media posts. Even there are tools to add "LIKE", "TWEET", and "SHARE" options to directly post on social media.

10. Affordable Marketing Strategy

It is true and proved that an effective blog has various marketing effect which is free. Even if you promote such blogs, the life of such blogs can last for days, months or years which will continue to draw traffic and can dedicate your time and efforts to create much more effective blogs.
These are some best strategies for driving traffic used by e-commerce sites in India. You can even start working on the same path which will lead to a long journey and be in the list of the best e-commerce websites.